Smart Homes

ENVIROTEKONLINE, LLC, offers for the Benton County and surrounded areas in North Western Arkansas, custom built homes that will last and that are energy efficient.

Our concrete houses are high wind and tornado resistant, mold resistant, crack resistant, pest resistant, waterproof, fire resistant (4 hour rating) and even can be designed earthquake resistant.

If you want to build a basic functional house or a perfect and modern attractive house we can do it for you.

The ICF system is a combination of polystyrene insulator and form which provides a continuous insulating wall that inhibits energy loss and provides R-Value of up to R- 28 for life and reinforced concrete which provides exceptional strength and durability.

Polystyrene has long been used as an insulator because of its closed- cell structure and lack of thermal conductivity.

Our houses offer not only energy efficiency but also offer cleaner and healthier indoor quality because our constructions materials are non-toxic and do not emit gas or VOC and offer zero nutrient sources to promote the growth and spread of mold.

  • Up To 50% lower energy costs
  • The stronger technology
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Plus termite protection
  • Disaster Resistance
  • Health & Comfort
  • Peace of Mind

Benefits Logix

The smartest homeowners own homes built with Logix ICFs

Hollow foam blocks filled with concrete. That’s the simplicity of North America’s ultimate building system for below-grade and above-grade walls. No other wall system combines energy efficiency and durability like the ICF. And no other ICF offers the insulating foam thickness, selection and support of Logix.

Want to build a home with the latest construction technology?

Build with the leading insulated concrete form and enjoy a greater quality of life – inside and out.

Think smart from the start

And think of all the money you’ll save. Although the up-front cost of a Logix home may be slightly higher than a traditional wood-frame home, the actual “overall living” cost can often be lower.

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